Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Navigation page for IFLA 2005

This page contains links to materials in English.

Blogging. From April 2005 I have used Pliny to write occasional news and comments in English. Before April I published similar items on my regular web site. The archive goes back to 2002. See: 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002.

Teaching materials. At Oslo University College I teach courses in four main areas:
  1. library management and organization
  2. quantitative and qualitative methods
  3. web publishing and web supported teaching
  4. web-based reference work
These courses are in Norwegian. I have developed teaching materials in English for a course on Digital reference services, which has been given several times in Cracow, Poland. See also a selection of links about digital libraries (bilingual).

Public library policy

There is a brief intruction in English to the Special interest group on public library policy under the Norwegian Library Association. I work as their volunteer web editor.

Projects. My main research project 2004-2007 is GOBI: Good to know! A sociological analysis of Norwegian question-and-answer services. It is financed by a senior scholarship from Oslo University College. The project continues and extends What do people ask?

I am also doing work on library statistics, on development strategies for the library sector - as well as a small study of IFLA participation: Who goes to IFLA?. Some research interests and professional experiences are listed here.

Publications. Publications in English: Bibliography 1994-2005.