Friday, May 13, 2005

Complexity, nostalgia and open source.

Interesting article on self-organizing productive networks in the May issue of First Monday.
Rave review of Steven Webers book on Open Source by Rob Vega, User Services Librarian, Valparaiso University:

- Steven Weber’s The Success of Open Source is a remarkable synthesis of political science, economics, law, sociology, and the history of technology, to name but some of the fields his impressive monograph encompasses. His excellent work is perhaps the best multi–disciplinary analysis (of any phenomenon) I have read.

The Success of Open Source. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2004. cloth, 312 p., ISBN 0–674–01292–5, US$29.95. Harvard University Press:

Another item for summer reading ....

I was also happy to see an article on the 1984 Interdoc meeting in Velletri, south of Rome. Of fond memories. I was one of the HURIDOCS people and brought a small portable with all of 32 K memory.

(Vellatri is a typo).